A Trip Across A Country: Part I

Almost immediately after I accepted the job offer from Outward Bound in Moab, UT, I started planning out an epic road trip in my mind. Since I was going to have to make the drive anyway, I figured I might as well make it fun and see some cool sights along the way, rather than just some CAFOs in Kansas. I contemplated several possible routes and ended up with the northern one; Westminster to Chicago to Sioux Falls, SD to the Badlands and Mount Rushmore, then south through Wyoming, Boulder and Denver, then on to Moab.

Chris flew to Baltimore and we left early the next morning. It just over 13 hours to get to the Windy City, but it didn’t seem that long. My college roommate, Megan, lives in the northern suburbs, so we got to see the skyline and drive by the White Sox stadium on the way. She had beers and a delicious Chicago deep dish pizza in our hands almost instantly, definitely the best thing after a long day in the car.

The next morning, we got up and went for a run on this gorgeous, wooded trail near Megan’s house. The trail seemed to go all over the place, even really close to her neighborhood. It was a beautiful run, and it was really great to see so many Chicagoans out exercising. We followed up the run with breakfast at a cafe right by the trail. I had the most delicious vegetarian Eggs Benedict (my favorite).

We headed into the city and let Megan be our tour guide barbie. Stop numero uno: The Sears Tower. We went all the way to the top and got to see the beautiful views from all sides, and stand on the plexiglass floor they have. Pretty crazy.

Next, we traveled the streets to see the famous bean in Millenium Park. It was pretty cool to see. From there, we enjoyed a few beers along the Chicago River before headed back to Wrigleyville to enjoy delicious (yet very spicy) Thai food prior to a comedy show at a bar that was quite hilarious.


Hilton Head


Erin, Chloe, Lindsey, Megan and I after some cocktails at Hudson’s restaurant.


Two days following my college graduation, I ventured further south with two of my roommates and two of my friends. Our destination: Hilton Head Island. My roommate, Lindsey and her cousin/friend Erin, both own condos there, so the five of us stayed in Erin’s condo, which was quite lovely.

I had never been to Hilton Head prior to that, but I fell in love almost instantaneously. There are paths for biking/walking/running all over the island, that it seems almost unnecessary to have a car (why don’t they have paths like those in every suburban area in the US? It could help cut down on driving, I think). The trees have low branches with Spanish Moss that just drips off of them, making you feel like you’re in a tunnel to some magical wonderland.

We did a lot of laying on the beach, reading and sleeping; the perfect combination for five recent college grads who were all exhausted from an activity-packed weekend. The beach was beautiful and wide and the ocean was the perfect temperature. I somehow managed to get sunburned, even after reapplying four or so times.

Although short, the day and a half at Hilton Head was enough to relax me before I steered a jam-packed Harriett north on I-95 to Baltimore.

My roommate, Lindsey, and I on the beach.

Beach set-up.