In and Around Incheon



Songdo, the city where I am living, is a new, ‘international’ city that is part of Incheon, an older city that played a crucial role during the Korean War.

Incheon and Songdo are very different, and we like to say that once you go across the bridge from Songdo into Incheon, you are in the real Korea. As we are wrapping up our time here, we have done a few fun things in Incheon recently.

One thing we did was go to a baseball game. The SK Wyverns (a small dragon) play in Incheon, so we went to a game! All the Korean baseball teams are named after companies; SK is a gas station. The tickets were cheap, and you can bring in your own food and beverages. The vendors inside the stadium sell two main foods: fried chicken and ramen. There these big water tanks throughout the stadium that dispense hot water for your ramen bowl. Pretty cool! We got both, and also some toppokki, a very smooth rice cake smothered in spicy sauce. Unfortunately, despite our best cheering efforts, the Wyverns were loosing 12-2 when we left at the top of the 8th.

A few nights ago, Zak and Lindsay and I headed back over the bridge to Incheon China Town, the only China Town in Korea. It is famous for jangjangmyeon, noodles smothered in a black bean sauce. We got some for dinner, of course and enjoyed walking around, people watching and taking touristy pictures. Unfortunately, on the way home, Zak took a wrong turn and we ended up on the bridge to the airport, where there is no place to turn around. One hour, 24 kilometers and 12,000 won in tolls later, we finally made it home.





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