Into The Big Apple

There is something about staring at a computer all day that makes you not want to look at one once you get home. Thus, I’ve concluded a real desk job is not conducive to consistent blogging. So, here I am to try and make up for my 6+ month absence.

The last six-ish months or so have been spent adjusting to my new home in New York City, and a much more stable life than the one I had been leading since graduating from college. Zak and I moved in to our one bedroom apartment on the border of the East Village and Alphabet City on a Friday at the beginning of August, and I started work the following Monday. No rest for the weary in the city that never sleeps.

Living a stable life in the big city is probably similar to most other people’s lives (wake up, exercise, go to work, come home from work, read/relax, sleep, repeat), so I’ll simply give you a few important lessons I’ve learned since moving here.

1. ABC (Always Be Crossing): This is especially important if you’re likely every other New Yorker and always in a rush (or at least thinking you are). Always be crossing a street. If you’re stopped and waiting for a light to change, you’re wasting valuable seconds of your time. A subcategory of this learning would be to always cross the avenues when you can, since you get fewer opportunities to jaywalk across them.

2. Move In: When boarding a subway car that gets packed like sardines every morning, moving in to the center is especially important so that you can let more time-stressed, grumpy New Yorkers on your train. If you don’t move in, be prepared to be glared at by everyone else.

3. Sanitize Yo’ Hands: The subway is absolutely disgusting and carries the germs of millions of people. Luckily, I have yet to get sick due to my habit of squirting out some hand sani every time I exit the car. After living here, I think its hilarious how city people think that natural habitats are “dirty”. There are so many more germs here!

4. Go For Good Grades: There are entirely too many options of places to eat in this city. Narrow it down (at least a little bit) by shunning those places that have a health department grade of anything other than an A. As a bonus, you’re can be rest assured the plate you’re eating off of is clean and there aren’t any pesky cockroaches scurrying around the kitchen.

5. Get Out of the ‘Hood: New Yorkers love to hang out in their own neighborhood, but usually the best and most fun things to do are elsewhere (not always). Its refreshing and fun to go check out new neighborhoods. Bonus points if you leave your borough!

6. Nothing Is As Bad As New Yorkers Say It Is: Before I moved here, I was terrified of summer in the city, winter in the city, being broke all the time and living in an apartment the size of Harry Potter’s closet. Fortunately, none of these nightmares actually turned out to be true, and that is because New Yorkers love to complain. Seriously, if its 25 degrees outside, that is freezing. Fortunately, I haven’t found it to be that cold yet. My apartment is small, but there is plenty of space for both Zak and I. I’m not saving as much money as I might like to be, but I wouldn’t say I’m broke. And even without central AC, I never thought it was that stifling in August. Maybe once July roles around, I’ll change my mind on that one.

More to come soon on the adventures we’ve had here so far, but we’re headed to the philharmonic at Lincoln Center tonight ($15 student tickets!), so its time to get all dolled up for a highbrow night ahead.