A Whole New World

Today is May 1st. I cannot believe that it has already been 9 months since I moved into our tiny apartment, sweating buckets as we hauled our furniture up five flights of very narrow stairs. I can’t believe its been 9 months since I started my first real job in an office. I feel like at this point, I should feel much more at home in this city than I do. The spring weather has definitely been making the adjustment a lot easier recently, as are my new friend CitiBike and other upcoming life changes.

Watching spring arrive in New York was actually pretty amazing. With the first warm and sunny day, it was like someone snapped their fingers and told all the city’s residents that they were going to smile, laugh, eat outside and wear colors other than black again. All of the sudden the city has this renewed energy that is really incredible to experience. Every time I step outside, I find myself filled with pure joy due to the sunshine and the positive energy of everyone around me.

Spring, the traditional time of new beginnings, has not only revealed a whole new New York in the attitude and energy of the people, but it has also brought some big changes for Zak and I (good ones, I hope, but the jury’s still out).

We’ve been thinking about moving to Brooklyn for awhile now (probably since about September) and recently looked at an amazing apartment in Fort Greene that one of Zak’s classmates was potentially looking to sublease. The apartment was beautiful, very spacious and full of light. It has a great roof with incredible views of Manhattan. The neighborhood is classic Brooklyn, tree lined streets full of brownstones, families walking around and a few restaurants and shops. It has a much quieter, friendlier, laid-back vibe. We spent a few weeks wondering if Zak’s classmate was definitely going to sublease to us, and, finally, close to a month ago now (time flies!), we received news that he was definitely moving and we would be taking over the lease! While we won’t move until the end of June, I’m really excited to live a block away from a much bigger park, in a quieter neighborhood with more permanent residents, and have more living space. I’m already doing things like deciding which herbs I want to grow in our new kitchen, what kind of ficus tree we should get and spending way too much time looking at nicer furniture online.

The other exciting development, that is much closer to actually happening is that I will be starting a new job on Monday! I’ll be working a start-up called Moven, which is a fintech company, as their Office Manager. I’m really excited to work for this amazing company that is changing the way we track our money and do our banking, have a more dynamic role and be part of building something awesome. Their office is just south of Koreatown in Manhattan, which could get dangerous, as my affinity for kimchi and tolsot bibimbap is extreme.

Spring has brought some great new changes and I’m excited to see where they go and how the change both my life, Zak’s life and our lives together as we continue this crazy journey of living in the Big Apple.


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